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Art4empowerment was founded by Elka Kazmierczak. She is a printmaker, book artist, designer, art educator, and researcher currently teaching at University of Illinois in Champaign. Pursuing a mission to empower women through creative expression, in fall 2004, Elka teamed-up with The Women's Center in Carbondale, IL and launched an art program that serves survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. The program relies on the transformational impact of visual expression that is particularly beneficial to those who are not comfortable talking about themselves. The creative process is a means to reflect on the self, life and to reconnect with emotions that have been numbed in order to survive trauma, abuse or violence. Since its inception, the art program has grown from providing workshops to adult survivors of domestic violence to serving adolescent survivors of sexual assault. For information about art program at The Women's Center call (618) 549-4807. To learn more about founding director of art4empowerment, visit


The Women's Center adopted the methods and the content of the program developed by A Window Between Worlds [AWBW], a non-profit organization in Venice, CA, functioning since 1991. Its goal is to use the healing power of art to help survivors of domestic violence and abuse to build healthy lives. For information on how to become a Window's art leader, or how to subscribe to Window's Newsletter (monthly), or to learn more about AWBW programs, visit

Artwork Titled Yesterday
title: “Yesterday”
artwork by Nicole Lecht